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I'll be home in December, leaves don't fall from the trees

as long as you remember you are always with me

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Tysin Monroe
12 October 1981
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I always hate this part! I am a recent college graduate, with a degree Anthropology and a minor in Women's Studies from San Diego State University. Go Aztecs! I run an Estee Lauder counter and love my job...for the most part. I love watching movies and reading, Steven King and Shakespeare are my favorite authors. American Sign Language is one of my passions. I am a pretty open person and always welcome new friends.

For My <3

You're the words that come out easy,
And I am speechless at best.
Your star it seems to shine above the rest.
You're the face before the cameras,
The smile i'd like to earn.
The closest thing to perfect,
In a hollywood to burn.
You're the beauty that is deeper,
Than eyes can merely see.
The closest thing to perfect.
But the farthest thing from me.
I'd love to be,
The shoulder that you cry on.
I'd love to be,
The friend you call when things are great.
You're the dream that hasn't ended,
And I'm still anxious for rest.
Your words they seem to hang above my head.

american sign language is love
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flavored lipgloss are love
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juliana theory is love
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