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She's just a lonley girl, living in a lonley world...

I love 3 point grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. <3

Oh yeah, G, it doesn't say keep refrigerated on the butter, so I guess it'd be ok if you kept it with you.

So, yesterday I went on a harbor excursion brunch with my mother. lots of fun. Had a couple of glasses of champagne which are about 2 points each, and then I had lots of veggies, and some bad stuff. I counted everything as 25 points, just to be on the safe side.

Oh yeah, tonight we had 0 point root beer floats with frozen fat free cool whip and diet rootbeer. Yum-o!

Jew, you have a Rachel Ray cookbook, are her recipes point friendly? I love her and want one of her books, I just want to make sure I can use it before I buy it. <3

Oh, and let me tell you, I think this season of the Simple Life is going to be awesome!

Ok, <3 you all!
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