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Note to self....never take a cycle class again.

OMG!!!! I decided to try a cycle class because I've heard so much about it and how great it was. Um, yeah, it wans't great for my swollen womenness. Yeah, I don't know how I got through the hour. I still can't sit without pain. I must say though, that the instructor was super nice. She knew this was a first for me and helped me out. She showed me how to set up the bike and the correct posture and during the class, she would make sure I was ok, or push me a little. So, in that aspect it was good, she teaches other classes, so I'll try those, but no more cycle for Shauntee.

Then, last night, my loving Matthew decided to tell me that Ricki Lake and I could be twins. Um, if it I wasn't in pain, that would have definitely kept it a sexless night.

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