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caroline laughs and it's raining all day...

...she loves to be one of the girls, she lives in the place in the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight she turns her self round and she smiles and she says "this is it that's the end of the joke" and loses herself in her dreaming and sleep and her lovers walk through in their coats

Ok, might as well update...even though there are only a hand full of you that read this.
<3 to you.

Life's moving along at completely weird speeds.

School is speeding by, after this I have 2 more semesters-hopefully- before I graduate. This semester fucking rocks, I love all of my professors and course topics:

Historical Archeology-the professor's hot and the class is very interesting.
Cosmology and Gravitational Collapse- Another very cool topic and the professor is funny which always makes easier to sit through class.
Roots Of Civilization- Again, the professor's hot and the topic is interesting.
Women and crossculteral perspective- Good professor, no midterm or final, just one tiny quiz and some writing assignments.
Bio-cultural Diversity- I had this professor last semester and loved her. Again, very cool topic.

disclaimer, I am not that smart, the titles are just more complex than the class is. <3

Work on the other hand is a different story. They still haven't told us where we'll be working next, or if they're just going to give us severance.
It's annoying to no end and they need to hurry and give us some sort of detail.
Also, I am tired of customers asking the same stupid question every two seconds.
The next time somebody asks me what I'm going to do now that my store is closing I'm going to say, "Well, I've decided to jump off the Coronado Bridge."

Everything else is cool.

Time to kick into housewife mode and make dinner.
<3 you all!
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